10 Testimonials Selected at Random

10 Testimonials Selected at Random

The Premier Game is by far the best online manager game around due to its price and options.
Zac Clay, UK

Heard of this game through a friend, and now just like him im on it everyday, i am definitely addicted.
 Nabeel Arshad, UK

Quite simply the ‘Real Madrid’ of the online gaming world.
Martin Rushbrooke, UK

FootieManager is so life like. Actually buying players off real people makes you fee like a real manager.
 Nick Raynor, England

TOP TOP game! ...especially the Premier game with its added options. Every budding manager's haven!
Chris Piper, Afghanistan

You have created one of the finest games on the net, and hopefully you can take a great deal of pleasure knowing there are thousands of people enjoying the game.
 Rob Andrews, UK

A Dream come true for all true football fans
Mike Spiteri, Malta

Sooo good! Must be the best on the net and so addictive!
 Joel Sayers, United Kingdom

I enjoy playing against other managers from all over the world and I have made many online "buddies". As a manager I have complete control over the club.
Jonathan Pitt, England

This is the best football management game on the net, ever!!! You must sign up RIGHT NOW!!!
 Andetta, Indonesia

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