10 Testimonials Selected at Random

10 Testimonials Selected at Random

I play the complete game from my mobile phone using a web browser, brilliant!!! Who needs a Pc?
Allan Keston, United Kingdom

Who would have known that someone could create such a realistic online football manager game
 Matt Jones, UK

Been playing it since the start and it just gets better and better, shame my team doesnt!!!
Darran Beard, Sussex, England

I enjoy playing against other managers from all over the world and I have made many online "buddies". As a manager I have complete control over the club.
 Jonathan Pitt, England

An escape from the real world and just have some good clean fun!!! Addictive this game
Pieter, Belgium

 David, Backham

I see that people have referred to this game as "superb", "magnificent", "amazing" and "the ultimate management experience" etc. Well frankly, I have to disagree, they are perfect examples of complete and utter understatements!
Dion Chambers, Nottingham, England

Simply fan-tastic theres nothing better
 Dale Butler, United Kingdom

Best ever managing game ever! cause it lets you pit your skills against other real people.
Hexi Lee, Singapore

The games A1, nothing better and more realistic for online interactive football management than footie manager!!
 Samson Butchers, Surrey, England

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