10 Testimonials Selected at Random

10 Testimonials Selected at Random

Better Than any playstation Manager Game! Its almost the real thing
Barry Lynch, Ireland

Footie manager basically lost me my job because I was too busy picking my team and trying to get players to do any work. But now I have a better job, so thanks! Great game.
 Tony, England

This game should come with a warning label "Warning: This game is incredibly addictive and may cause depression, anger or anxiety on match day."
Sam Starbridge, Australia

This game is simply the best!Its everything Ive always dreamed of.
 Joseph, Ghana

This game is the best in the world!!
Scott, Scotland

my life is complete!
 chames chacobs, austria

"As Good As It Gets!"
Niall Clarke, Ireland

I have just joined this game, but it already feels like I am a real manager. Its a great game.
 Bryan Melling, United States

If you want to emulate the beauty and pomp of Cloughie or kick teams to shreds and dish it up like Revie - then sign up and do it now.
S. J. Pearson, England

This is such a great Game!
 Phil, UK

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