10 Testimonials Selected at Random

10 Testimonials Selected at Random

absolutly BRILLIANT i have been playing for a few weeks now and i havent been so involved in game until this thanks to footiemanager i actually want to come home!!
josh fussell, england

My wife is threatening to leave me,the dog is moaning because it hasn`t been fead and my job`s going down the drain,all because of a footie game. But it`s worth it!
 Kersh, England

"Super, who ever made this game is a FOOTY brainiac"!
Matthew, England

I have never found a football management game which is as friendly as this one! The interaction between managers is terrific and I feel everyone here are my friends!
 Tim Smith, England

First day playing, love it to death.
Michael R., Slovakia

This is the best game I have ever played - there is not a word for it
 karl, England

This is a sensational online manager game which demonstrates what the real game is like and a game to which you can relate to your team and other managers.
Adam Tett, Australia

a really addictive and fun game you can literally manage anyone from england germany france holland portugal italy scotland and spain.
 chris potter, england

Quite simply the ‘Real Madrid’ of the online gaming world.
Martin Rushbrooke, UK

simply the best, totally addictive
 mark anstee, uk

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goodbye playstation , this is the number 1 game in the earth. the interaction its amazing, i play this all day and night !!!

Rafael Franco
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