10 Testimonials Selected at Random

10 Testimonials Selected at Random

Footie Manager is a great game it keeps you excited untill the very day you play a match and excellent game and very addictive! 10/10
Joe Pereira, England

... it is the BEST online footie manager game around!
 Dani, England

This game is so good that I log into my account 2 to 3 times a day!
Ameer Sabri, Australia

A professional game well done It´s the best game ever no more to say!!
 mustafaa, Sweden

My wifes expecting twins in August, i hope its not on a match day, this game is far too addictive
Mark, England

This game should come with a warning label "Warning: This game is incredibly addictive and may cause depression, anger or anxiety on match day."
 Sam Starbridge, Australia

Phoenomenal game play outstanding!!!!!! a credit to the internet
Fredrika, Afghanistan

 russell, england

Good Tactical game and best of all, it does not need to load like Championship Manager. FootieManager Rules!
Lim Koh Wee, Singapore

The best soccer management game on the web. The best thing about FootieManager is that its free, fun and easy to play. I am getting ready to sign up for the pay version.(The only online game I ever paid for)
 Jumpei, Japan

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