10 Testimonials Selected at Random

10 Testimonials Selected at Random

First day playing, love it to death.
Michael R., Slovakia

If I could, I would marry this game!
 Dave Black, Scotland

This is not a game...This is LIFE !
Basar Korkmaz, Cyprus

Footiemanager is the best online football managment game Ive ever been in and Ive been in tons of them. good job team!!!
 Rikie, Bie

The three best things in the world are cars, girls and Footie Manager.
Ricardo Yearwood, Barbados

 Daz Plant, United Kingdom

I see that people have referred to this game as "superb", "magnificent", "amazing" and "the ultimate management experience" etc. Well frankly, I have to disagree, they are perfect examples of complete and utter understatements!
Dion Chambers, Nottingham, England

the best managerial game i have ever played! Really addictive but worth it!
 Nick Coughlan, England

the pride, the passion, its all there. The best manager game on the net!!
Nathan Tyson, england

I think that this game is the best football management game on the internet. Its so addictive and realistic
 Jawad Ullah Khan, Pakistan

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