10 Testimonials Selected at Random

10 Testimonials Selected at Random

footie manager is the best game on the internet. promotion and relegetion battles to take on other people.
David kightley, United Kingdom

The perfect day: waking up on a Saturday to the fresh smell of flowers and the hear the birds sing, as you roll over and find the most beautiful girl in the world lying next to you, WAIT A MINUTE. its a saturday! FOOTIE IS PLAYING. forget the girl!!!!!!!!
 Kyle Johnson, U.S.A

This is the game that all footie lovers should join!!!
Brendan, England

An absolutely fantastic football management game, very addictive and the interaction between managers makes this game, the best thing in the world!". a must for all football fans.
 Ryan, England

The only website worth visiting each day...forget about your emails- you might have a message from Barcelona agreeing to your transfer on here!
Mathew Accuosti, England

The Premier Game is by far the best online manager game around due to its price and options.
 Zac Clay, UK

Footie manager basically lost me my job because I was too busy picking my team and trying to get players to do any work. But now I have a better job, so thanks! Great game.
Tony, England

This game has everything the highs and lows and tons of stuff to tweak and play with to your hearts content the best football manager game ever unrivaled in the hearts of football fans
 Danny Shaw, UK

Thank you. At last something to look forward to every night i get home from school
Jamie Skehan, England (uk)

Great stuff, good work. Keep it up, footiemanager!
 Josh firze Rubin, Singapore

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