10 Testimonials Selected at Random

10 Testimonials Selected at Random

This game is totally awesome and addictive got transfer player, loan player,sponsor and much more
Slim_Shady_91, Singapore

great game (good challenge)
 Robert Kirkwood, UK

the pride, the passion, its all there. The best manager game on the net!!
Nathan Tyson, england

Quality Is The Word.
 Paul Greene, Scotland

This is by far the best online manager game ever you just keep coming back for more and more
Warren Taylor, Wales

This game is just too darn addictive, it might cost me my day job.
 Ian, Malaysia

no other online game can compete with footie manager
scott cheetham, england

This is a sensational online manager game which demonstrates what the real game is like and a game to which you can relate to your team and other managers.
 Adam Tett, Australia

This game absolutely amazing, much better than championship manager.
Conor Smith, United States

this is so good i dont eat to play on it for longer
 daniel, england

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