10 Testimonials Selected at Random

10 Testimonials Selected at Random

The most fantastic and mind-bendingly brilliant game since sliced Champ.
Dan Cooke, Iraq

This game absolutely amazing, much better than championship manager.
 Conor Smith, United States

Very good game always improving !!! I searched all over the internet and this is the only fottie game around -simply the best !!
Olus, Uk

Incredible game. I fully recommend it to anyone. I play it all the time and it never gets boring. The creator of Footiemanager is a true genius..
 Charlie Ford, England

I think that this game is the best football management game on the internet. Its so addictive and realistic.
Luke Debenham, England

absolutely fantastic game, changed my life!
 Ruben, UK

My girlfriend made me choose between her and this. I really loved her as well.
Robert Cartwright, England (Appley Bridge)

my whole college class is getting expulsion threats because of this game! keep it up! :P
 Benn Powell, Wales

this is just the best 20x more addictive than cm2 it is simply the BEST.it even makes you jump mwith joy or cry with sadness!!!!!11
luke lambourne, england

i spend more time on this game than with my family!
 James kane, England

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I got three words for this: simply the best game I ever played in the web... sorry, thats ten words..

Erik H
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