10 Testimonials Selected at Random

10 Testimonials Selected at Random

fantastic game
andy boal, England

FM - the initialism of Football Magic.
 Basil-Jean Petit, Belgium

Ever wanted to really test your footballing knowledge? This is the game to do it, the best online football management game by far.
Brian Hine, England

The web has got a king game.It is -Footie manager. An example for an quality game.
 Naveen, India

This game is amazingly addictive. My eyes are fixed on the computer. Wednesday and sunday nights I wait for the matches to be proccesed. The feeling when they are done is just thrilling.
Waseem Al-jaf, UK

ive played other kinds of manager games but this takes the cake. Makes you feel what it is like to be a manager.
 subair sheriff, Nigeria

carlsberg says"probably the best online game in the world"
collis oldfield, england

This beats the lma managers and total club managers because you can play real people and you take every day as it comes.
 Frazer Smith, England

If I could, I would marry this game!
Dave Black, Scotland

goodbye playstation , this is the number 1 game in the earth. the interaction its amazing, i play this all day and night !!!
 Rafael Franco, Brasil

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