10 Testimonials Selected at Random

10 Testimonials Selected at Random

footie manager is the best game on the internet. promotion and relegetion battles to take on other people.
David kightley, United Kingdom

Much ,much,much better tham championship manager and thats saying something.
 charlie, england

carlsberg says"probably the best online game in the world"
collis oldfield, england

This game is amazingly addictive. My eyes are fixed on the computer. Wednesday and sunday nights I wait for the matches to be proccesed. The feeling when they are done is just thrilling.
 Waseem Al-jaf, UK

Best Game I have ever played in my whole life!
Johan Gudjonsson, Sweden

This is the best game of my life
 Ray Ang, Singapore

Footie Manager is a global Phonomenon. If i was to choose to support my local team Boro. I would say no! and then play on the ulimate game Footie Manager and im proud to say them words
Sean Evans, England

Footiemanager is the best online football managment game Ive ever been in and Ive been in tons of them. good job team!!! I can not move for my computer now!!!!!!
 Richelieu Sarnoe, England

Unbelievable, it is extreamily addictive
Tiarnan, Ireland

First day playing, love it to death.
 Michael R., Slovakia

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