10 Testimonials Selected at Random

10 Testimonials Selected at Random

the first time i played it i was all like WOWWWW
ghimz, singapore

FootieManager.Simply the best game ever.
 Nuno, Portugal

UNBELIEVABLE.No word for it just AMAZING
Jorge Clay, England

Simply breath taking must have for all football fans 10/10 from Graeme in scotland
 Graem Cuthill , Scotland, Great Britain

Surely none of you put footiemanager above your family at christmas?...OK, You can put your hands down now! a truly addictive game
barry holesman, england

After this game, who will play championship Manager or USM???
 ahmed, Norway

ive played lots and lots of manager games,but this is my alltime favourite
steven white, Scotland

i think that footie manager would beat any other game
 Jamie Hensman, united kingdom

Superb!!!What else can you say when you have it all in this manager game...one of the best online game on internet that i ever played.Keep up the good job!!!!
Adi Tronaru, Romania

This is the best football management game on the net, ever!!! You must sign up RIGHT NOW!!!
 Andetta, Indonesia

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