10 Testimonials Selected at Random

10 Testimonials Selected at Random

ive played other kinds of manager games but this takes the cake. Makes you feel what it is like to be a manager.
subair sheriff, Nigeria

i spend more time on this game than with my family!
 James kane, England

forget the real football world,we have this.even ronaldinho would retire for this.
josh b, uk

This game has everything the highs and lows and tons of stuff to tweak and play with to your hearts content the best football manager game ever unrivaled in the hearts of football fans
 Danny Shaw, UK

This game is so cool!!!!! Everyone needs to know about it.
David kightley, U.K

Quality Is The Word.
 Paul Greene, Scotland

this game is the best football manager game ever,without a doubt,it makes CM and USM look like warm ups
nelly , scotland

Great game every days a new challenge and the other managers are mostly a friendly bunch. I recommend this to anyone.
 Ben Morgan , Leicester, England

ive played lots and lots of manager games,but this is my alltime favourite
steven white, Scotland

The best manager game ever. Full respect to the makers and hope they continue the success in the future.
 Chris Stewart, UK

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