10 Testimonials Selected at Random

10 Testimonials Selected at Random

This game should come with a warning label "Warning: This game is incredibly addictive and may cause depression, anger or anxiety on match day."
Sam Starbridge, Australia

WARNING - this game can cause severe loss of sleep and ruin all the other aspects of your life,but you will still love it
 Brian, Scotland

Games like this belong only on the internet, so that everyone together can enjoy, at the same time, what is known as a "managerial masterpiece"!
Babangida Okechukwu, Nigeria

i have just upgraded to premier game i strongly advise everybody to!!!
 josh fussell, england

Better Than any playstation Manager Game! Its almost the real thing
Barry Lynch, Ireland

Best ever managing game ever! cause it lets you pit your skills against other real people.
 Hexi Lee, Singapore

Great Game, Great People and free games. What more can you ask for
Shaun Larkin, Australia

Just like Nike pick the styles, Ronaldinho creates the skills, and Chelsea decide the prices... FootieManager sets the standards!
 Dion Chambers, UK

Better than Championship Manager!
Darren, Singapore

Footiemanager rulezzz big time!!! The best game on the entire web!!!
 Ronald Bodart, Belgium

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