10 Testimonials Selected at Random

10 Testimonials Selected at Random

Dont listen to the people that say this is ONE of the greatest manager games on the net, it is THE best manager game on the net!!!!
Seb Pitman, England

This game is the bomb!!! You wont ever find another soccer management game thats this good and FREE! This game is 10/10.
 Graham, South Africa

footie manager is so good, I missed my holiday for it!
Joe Banks, England

I think this is the best game on the net and is the first thing i think about when i awaken in the morning!!
 Chris Dixon, England

Great game every days a new challenge and the other managers are mostly a friendly bunch. I recommend this to anyone.
Ben Morgan , Leicester, England

I cant say enough good things about this game.Thank you so much for this wonderful game.
 Steven Overend, N.Ireland

Thank you for keeping me sane between seasons. What a great game. Its magic!!!!
Kristian Davies, Wales

one word sums it up. SUPERB! the best footie manager game on the web!
 Scott Chambers, England

forget the real football world,we have this.even ronaldinho would retire for this.
josh b, uk

I have only three words to describe this game "SIMPLY THE BEST"
 Chris Willetts, England

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