10 Testimonials Selected at Random

10 Testimonials Selected at Random

simply adictive.i cant wait to get home and see if my transfer request went thought.the best.
josh barrand, uk

awesome just awesome
 collisoldfield, uk

David, Backham

a really addictive and fun game you can literally manage anyone from england germany france holland portugal italy scotland and spain.
 chris potter, england

Yeh cheeeeeeers guys for this brilliant game. Eas, exciting and wait for it.......FREE!!!
Jamie Skehan, United Kingdom

this game has everything!! from bargaining to beating other people from all over the world. allow theres always something i find wrong with these games and that is....... i hate waiting to play a match as it takes too long but apart from that i al
 Stephen, N.Ireland

Your not going to find a better game, not even if you really were a manager!
Seb Pitman, England

A good game, realistic and addictive, the best on the web by a long shot.
 Paul Simoes, United Kingdom

Sammy Hekonsall, Derby, England

Only one word: "SPECTACULAR"
 Hael Xaviour, Australia

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