10 Testimonials Selected at Random

10 Testimonials Selected at Random

The crowd go wild the players go wild and thats just when you log in. You have at your fingertips a real life managerial challange. They say its the taking part that counts well its the winning.
Michael Payne, England

With game features like sponsorship, youth academy, team-selection, transfer-listing, training, and finance...you cannot really ask for a more realistic online football managing game than this! This is for real...
 Lyndon Monteiro, Australia

This is the best... The best Football manager game ever. it never stops getting better
Dayne, South Africa

I have been playing FM for over the last year. I cannot speak highly enough for it. It is really adictive and very fun to play. This game is the only reason I have the internet. The fact you are interacting with managers from all over the world also adds to it
 Gareth Bartlett, England

Sammy Hekonsall, Derby, England

I have been playing footie games on the web for ages and this is the best by far that i have ever seen!!!
 Ben Tucker, United Kingdom

It such a good manager simulation game that it is so addictive
calum, england

If you thought nicotine and alcohol were addictive then you’re in for a surprise! FootieManager grabs hold of you and won’t let go! It’s compulsive, gripping, and wonderful entertainment. If you’re looking for the complete FootieManager game then look no further!
 Dave Clifford, UK

footiemanager is simply the best football game ever made!!!
Metin, Turkey

UNBELIEVABLE.No word for it just AMAZING
 Jorge Clay, England

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