10 Testimonials Selected at Random

10 Testimonials Selected at Random

Footiemanager puts you right in the heart of the action, highs, lows, anger and joy as you play against football fans worldwide. What more can you ask in football...?
Brian McKay, Scotland

UNBELIEVABLE.No word for it just AMAZING
 Jorge Clay, England

......I love it more than my boyfriend. :-)
Alina Siskiewicz, Germany

Brilliant and free!!! Easy to work!!!
 Ross, Scotland

You cannot get a better online manager game than this!!!
Mayto Sotomayor, England

Wow i love this game it beats anything. Dont know whether to sign up? DO IT This game is top!. Im new and i know what to do all ready Most realistic net game ever 12 out of 10!
 Kev Wilson, England (newcastle)

Pure Addiction!!!
Tim Smith, UK

Stunningly realistic, some times I even think its real.........…
 Kieran Francis, Australia

As a Champ Manager addict, I finally found the onlime manager Game I ve been searching..My first seasn and my team goes very well (only away matches!!)...I love the "tribunal" Idea!!its fantastic, realistic…
Yannis, Hellas, Greece

I enjoy playing against other managers from all over the world and I have made many online "buddies". As a manager I have complete control over the club.
 Jonathan Pitt, England

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