10 Testimonials Selected at Random

10 Testimonials Selected at Random

Yes.. No..., so many decisions just adds to greatness which is footie manager.
Nick Johnson, England

Great Game, Great Price & Totally Addictive!
 Richie, England

Really is one of the classic online games, the premier games is what you want to have full effect, the interaction of buying and selling is awesome.
Iain watson, Scotland

Excellent game, this game really gives you want you need. Can hardly wait til the games are beeing played, thats what makes it even more exciting!
 Johan Hultman, Sweden

Excellent game for a group of friends, the chat link is an excellent bonus!
David Kershaw, Eng.

This game is the best. Its so addictive. This game takes up all my free time. It couldnt be anymore realistic
 A.Hakeem, Nigeria

Footie Manager is better than ever, its basically real life. Its better than Championship Manager and Fantay Football!!!!!!!!!
Nasek Saif Wahhab, England

You cannot get a better online manager game than this!!!
 Mayto Sotomayor, England

It is the greatest online manager game on the internet
Davo-69, Australia

too good to be true...
 JorgĂ©, UK

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