10 Testimonials Selected at Random

10 Testimonials Selected at Random

Footiemanager is a must! It is awesome, nothing else comes close to it, I feel like a real manager.
Tom Maton, Essex, UK

This Game Rules. It wipes the floor with champ manager and total club, who needs them. Its free the interaction is quality well done!!.
 Kev Wilson, (newcastle) U.K

This is an amazing game, really worth it. Fantastic !!
John Abruzzi, Mexico

...this is the best game on the net
 Kane Burns, England

This is by far the best online manager game ever you just keep coming back for more and more
Warren Taylor, Wales

Brilliant game, I cant believe that a game of this standard is not published as much for the quality and the excitement that it brings
 Ugiagbe, United Kingdom

I see that people have referred to this game as "superb", "magnificent", "amazing" and "the ultimate management experience" etc. Well frankly, I have to disagree, they are perfect examples of complete and utter understatements!
Dion Chambers, Nottingham, England

The best online managing game ever!! Just thinking about new tactics and beating my friends keeps me going through school.
 Michael Rowden, England

I have been playing since late February 2012 and the first team I managed was Stirling Albion. I find it very addictive and I am currently manage four teams. I look forward to playing every time, sometimes I prioritise the game over my family!!
Jonathan Pitt, England

great game (good challenge)
 Robert Kirkwood, UK

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