10 Testimonials Selected at Random

10 Testimonials Selected at Random

Footie manager is definately the best web based management game out there. 10 out of 10.
Danny, Canada

Best Manager Game So Far.Better then CM4.I Feel like a real manager.
 Hidhir Bin Mohd Noor, Singapore

Great stuff, good work. Keep it up, footiemanager!
Josh firze Rubin, Singapore

A great game of excitement, thrills and skill. I really like this game and rates just as good as Championship manager 4
 Daniel P, England

better than any game WORLD WIDE
ross dickinson, england

I have never found a football management game which is as friendly as this one! The interaction between managers is terrific and I feel everyone here are my friends!
 Tim Smith, England

this is easily the best manager game around. If you're like me and have been looking all over the net on search engines for these games you just found the one you are looking for!
Luke Orr, England

Great game to play. Footie Manager is the best game on the internet.
 David kightley, United Kingdom

absolutely fantastic game, changed my life!
Ruben, UK

My wife is threatening to leave me,the dog is moaning because it hasn`t been fead and my job`s going down the drain,all because of a footie game. But it`s worth it!
 Kersh, England

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