10 Testimonials Selected at Random

10 Testimonials Selected at Random

Eat Footiemanager Sleep Footiemanager Drink Footiemanager Simply the BEST online football management EVA

I have recommended this game to all of my mates! its a top quality game and FREE! I am alwayz on this game... Keep it up!
 Lewis Cutts , England, Nottingham!

Nothing beats this or even comes close. Homework can wait footie comes first!!!.
Kev, England

Footiemanager is The maradonna of websites. In other words, simply the best!
 Waseem Al-jaf, uk

Yeh cheeeeeeers guys for this brilliant game. Eas, exciting and wait for it.......FREE!!!
Jamie Skehan, United Kingdom

This game is even more addictive than Championship Manager so that tells you how good it is!
 Rob Basnett, England

i remember playing this type of game years ago by post and you had to wait for the postman but online is just absolutly top drawer i rate it 101%
lee wright, england

Wow i love this game it beats anything. Dont know whether to sign up? DO IT This game is top!. Im new and i know what to do all ready Most realistic net game ever 12 out of 10!
 Kev Wilson, England (newcastle)

Its taken over my life, what fun! I love it!
Richard Deakin, UK

I have been playing for 10 years now, still not bored, love every game like it was my first! 10/10!
 Max Jenner, UK

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Phoenomenal game play outstanding!!!!!! a credit to the internet

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