About Footiemanager
FootieManager™ is a football/soccer manager simulation game where you act as manager of a football club and compete against other managers from all over the world.

Unlike Fantasy Football type games where you just choose a number of players and get allocated points based on their real-life performance, FootieManager is a true manager simulation that allows you to really experience what it might be like to manage a real football team.

You get to make all of the decisions about which players to play in each game and the tactics to employ. You are also responsible for training existing players and bringing in new, young talent through your youth development programmes.

As manager you have some influence on the teams finances and you will need to balance the income from gate receipts and sponsorships against all of the clubs outgoings.

There is an active transfer market where you will be required to use your judgement to bring in just the right players that will enhance your squad and sell those players that dont fit in with your long term strategy. Fortunately you have staff members (who you will need to first recruit) who will be able to give you some advice.

These are just some of the myriad of decisions that you will be required to make through the season.

So How Does It Work?
All you need to play the game is an email address and a web browser. Nothing is installed on your computer (or phone or whatever you use to browse the web). First of all you will need to register your details and a password will be sent to your email address. After that you can log in, choose a team to manage and go from there.

The game has regular matches scheduled (usually twice a week) and your job as manager of your team is to log in and select your best team for each match. (Note that this does not mean you need to log in when matches are due to be played, you can select your team days in advance if you wish)

The difference between FootieManager and similar games that you might buy for your PC or games console is the huge global scope of the game. Rather than playing against a computer (that is normally tailored to let you win), you are playing against other people like yourself from all over the world. For every winner there is a loser (just like real-life). This is a true challenge playing against other human players.

The other great aspect is that you can play FootieManager from almost anywhere. You can spend just a little time during your lunch-break at work, from home or even on your mobile phone (if you have a compatible phone). We hope you won't become too addicted that you have to nip into internet cafes during your holidays!

There is also a very active message board where players discuss the game, football (of course) and there is also a section where anything but football is discussed (from music and films to "top ten bunny rabbit breeds"!)

FootieManager was conceived in March 1999 by a PhD Nuclear Physicist who, after spending many years writing computer programs to model the internal structure of atoms, wanted to use this knowledge to try to model something more tangible (and some might say more difficult!). Almost 2 years went into the development before FootieManager was made available publicly in December 2001.

The simulation started out in the true spirit of the Internet - open to all and completely free of charge. As word spread and friends recommended friends the number of people flocking towards FootieManager grew and grew.

FootieManager has continued to add to its complexity over the years, largely in part to the requests and suggestions from the football fans and games fanatics who played it. As a result of this expansion, the team behind the game has also grown to match the demands of developing and running the game for an ever expanding audience.