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The best manager game on the web! Superb player statistics as well as real life features with injuries, bookings and game reports. An amazingly realistic game that is so so addictive. It dominates the web as the best ever football manager gameā€¦

Joe Gibbs
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FootieManager - The Online Football Manager Game

Welcome to FootieManager, the online football manager game where you take control of a football club and compete against other managers from all over the world in your bid for the domestic championship and international cup glory.

As a football manager, you have full control over your club including managing the club finances, wheeling and dealing in the transfer markets, managing club staff and a myriad of other options that will challenge even the best budding football managers.

Recent Activity
2 mins ago:Burnley signed a new kit sponsorship deal.
3 mins ago:Dunfermline listed Don Gough for transfer
5 mins ago:Grimsby Town bought Jason McParland from Cambridge United
5 mins ago:Cheltenham Town loaned Enrique Hernandez from Real Zaragoza for 15 weeks
5 mins ago:Aston Villa signed a new kit sponsorship deal.

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