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Footie Manager is better than ever, its basically real life. Its better than Championship Manager and Fantay Football!!!!!!!!!

Nasek Saif Wahhab
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FootieManager - The Online Football Manager Game

Welcome to FootieManager, the online football manager game where you take control of a football club and compete against other managers from all over the world in your bid for the domestic championship and international cup glory.

As a football manager, you have full control over your club including managing the club finances, wheeling and dealing in the transfer markets, managing club staff and a myriad of other options that will challenge even the best budding football managers.

Top Ranked Managers
1.AustraliaTrevor Carapiet286 pts
2.United KingdomEd Ingamells284 pts
3.United KingdomJames Morrison282 pts
4.United KingdomAs Salmon279 pts
5.United KingdomJames Morrison278 pts
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AlbaniaTrajner Eglonrudi
United KingdomSmith Steven
United KingdomSmith Steven
IndonesiaEvan Jason
IndonesiaRyo Soemantri

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